X-37B Part 2

From SpaceFlightNow

Well, it looks like that launch went well.  I was able to see it an hear it from the driveway, but I wasn’t able to get any good pictures.  The picture above is from SFN.  There was a bit of high level clouds towards the cape that kept me from seeing the rocket for a bit after launch.  This particular configuration of the Atlas 5 also did not have any strap-on solid rocket motors, which made for a much smaller contrail on just the liquid oxygen and kerosene RD-180 main engine. 

Most launches I watch from home are shuttle launches, which usually head east pretty quickly after launch, tracing a nice curve in the sky.  This launch however seemed to go strait up for quite a while before turning to head east.  Of course the perspective makes it really hard to judge which way a rocket is going when you can only see it as a bright dot in the sky.  For a few seconds I thought it was heading in my direction, before I realized that the rocket was still just going strait up before turning east.  Pretty cool stuff.


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