Exciting games coming out

I haven’t been keeping up on new video games coming out this year.  Chey watches X-play occasionally, but I haven’t been checking any websites or anything.  Well, one of my favorite game series just last week came out with a new installment.  This one is Shogun 2 Total War.  It’s a cool combination of a turn based strategy empire builder game with a real-time formation combat game. 

I’ve spent many an hour playing earlier games in the series like Rome, Medieval 2, Empire, and Napoleon.   They all operate in a similar manner, but with enough differences between each to feel like different games.  I’m a huge historical history buff, and I’m not saying that these games are very accurate, but they are fun to play as a kind of what-if.  I don’t know squat about Japanese feudal history though, so this one should be interesting.

The other game that I’m looking forward to is coming out in April.  This is one I’ve been waiting for since I finished the original.  Portal 2 is the sequel to an awesome little first-person platformer type game with an awesome story line and really cool physics.  The entire premise revolves around your character being a test subject for the use of a new portal-creating gun.  You can shoot one portal onto one surface, and another onto another surface.  When you jump into one, you will pop out the other.  This allows you to do all kinds of fun stuff like placing one portal high on a wall, and another at the bottom of a drop-off.  Jump off the drop-off, aim for the bottom portal, and you will come shooting out the first portal on the wall with all your momentum like a cannon ball.  I highly recommend the first Portal, and I have high hopes for the second. 

Are there any games coming up you think I should be on the look-out for?  Please post any new releases or upcoming titles that you are looking forward to.



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7 responses to “Exciting games coming out

  1. Matt G

    portal 2 looks pretty neat. for the most part i usually play starcraft 2, call of duty: modern warfare 2, and halo reach. i still occasionally play age of empires. 🙂

    there are 3 games in particular that im waiting for:
    xbox 360 – call of duty: modern warfare 3 (releases nov.)
    xbox 360 – gears of war 3 (releases sep.)
    pc – 2nd starcraft 2 expansion (tba)

  2. Damon

    Portal! Portal! Portal!

    And Diablo III… But that could still be years away, despite Blizzard announcing it coming “soon.”

  3. Lauren

    if you weren’t excited about Portal 2, uncle matt, i would be worried that you had become a different person.

  4. Ooooh, Diablo 3, that is one I’m looking forward to. Not half as much as Chey though. I expect her to take off from work when it comes out.

    Modern Warfare 3 should be fun as well. Loved 1 and 2, just wish they took more than 6 hours to finish. Still can’t get myself to try multiplayer.

  5. Matt G

    oh man totally forgot about diablo 3.. but yea my hopes arent too high about that since its release date has been TBA for over 2 yrs. i still play diablo 2 from time to time.

    yeah, i wish the modern warfare campaigns were a little more extensive but the multiplayer search and destroy is where its at.. you really need to get on live and play its a lot of fun (minus the little 10-year old potty mouth kids tha

  6. Chey

    You forgot a new system – the 3DS! I know you’re not too enthused, but I sure am!

    • Oh, I know you are. Hehe, it had crossed my mind to mention the 3DS, but yeah, the hand-helds haven’t been that much of a draw for me. Although that one tank war type game was pretty cool.

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