More on the shuttle retirements

Just real quick, I saw an interesting post with some thoughts on the space shuttle museum plan that I talked about in my post yesterday.  It’s by a guy named Wayne Hale, who is a legend in the US space program.  He was a space shuttle mission controller from the early days of the shuttle program, and he eventually came to be in charge of the whole space shuttle program after the Columbia disaster. 

Anyway, he contends that part of the reason Houston did not get a shuttle was because there just wasn’t that much interest in the Houston area to get one.  He said it seemed like everyone in the Houston area just has a very blase attitude to NASA and Johnson space center, almost a sence of entitlement.  Sounds like a pretty good point to me.

This kinda makes me wonder if it’s reflecting a broader line of thought throughout Texas.  If there is one state in the union that is against the federal government spending money, its Texas.  Maybe Texans are happy with their oil industries and whatever else goes on down there, and isn’t concerned about big government research or space facilities. I dunno. 

But I’m happy Florida is getting one.



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2 responses to “More on the shuttle retirements

  1. Matt G

    No shuttles going to Wisconsin? Lame…

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