Video Games I’m Playing

Just a quick list of what I’ve been playing recently.  Not for any particular reason, just because.

I’ve played Shogun 2 some since it came out a month or two back.  Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.  I prefer Napoleon and Empire:Total War much more.  Shogun 2 has some nice features, but all the battles feel the same, no-one has any real unique units, there is only the single map.  A big meh.  I’d give it 7/10.  It’s ok, and the online multiplayer may be where it really shines, but I’ve not tried it.

Portal 2.  See my previous post.  Bad ass.  9.5/10. 

Civilization 5.  I’ve had it a while, after getting it right after it came out.  Again, a game I was looking forward to that kinda disappointed me.  It felt dumbed down to me, too simplistic.  After Civ 4 and its awesome expansions, I was expecting an epic blockbuster with huge armies, an intricate tech-tree, and leaders that wouldn’t declare war on a good ally for shits and giggles.  I got none of that.  Already hoping for Civ 6.  6/10.

Medal of Honor for the XBox 360.  Not horrible, but very formulaic.  It was all high-energy adrenaline for the approximately 5-6 hours of game play.  I like a good roller-coaster ride with emotional ups and downs, not just a non-stop  blowtorch burn.  Nothing new or original over what Call of Duty has been doing.  On the plus side, the story was more realistic than the latest Call of Duty, being based on real events from the invasion of Afghanistan instead of a US General working with the Russians to free an American to nuke the US and then to try to kill that same American.  It was amusing while it lasted.  6.5/10.

Settlers Rise of an Empire.  I really need to try to get back into this game.  I played it one or two nights, then got distracted with other stuff.  It’s pretty much a city builder, with some interesting bits.  It’s also french, so it’s a nice change of pace from normal american city builders.  8/10.

Star Trek Online.  First MMO I’ve played in a long while.  Probably a couple of years actually.  But like all MMOs, it will take me a while to get a good feel for how good it is.  Reviews were not so great when it came out last year, but apparently a lot of the early bugs have been fixed.  Its been pretty interesting so far, and the community seems pretty decent.  I got an invite to a Fleet (guild) right of the bat, and it actually has a bunch of people willing to help newbs.  Also, blasting Klingons is fun.  A tentative 8/10.


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