A few policies I’ll be enforcing on this blog.

  • Your first comment will be held in moderation for me to approve.  After that, post as much as you like, they should go up instantly.  You can post up to 4 links at a time without going to moderation as well.
  • I value honesty more that just about anything.  Be honest with what you post, with me, and with yourself.
  • Do not personally attack other commenters.  If you feel the need, be rude or curse me out, or unburden yourself as necessary, but I don’t want any commenters driving others away.  That’s my job.
  • If you do not ever want to be offended, this is probably not the blog for you.  I will post stuff that  most likely offends someone, and you can either go off in a huff feeling offended, or you can hear me out andsee what I’m trying to say.  I really think we as a society have gotten way too carried away with not wanting to offend anyone.
  • I don’t care what words you use.  If you feel the need to insert FUCK every other word you type, go ahead.  Words are just strings of letters or sounds.  The concept of a “bad” word I think is stupid.
  • I will not delete any comments that are not spam.  Yes, that’s a double negative.  I will delete spam, but that’s it.  Post away, link away, etc.
  • State your opinion.  If you are trying to assert anything beyond your opinion, provide some evidence.  Links are your friend.  Anything without a link to something (news article, Wikipedia, papers, reports, surveys etc) will be treated as only your opinion.
  • I will add or delete policies as necessary, and if it’s significant, I’ll post about it.

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