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Sunday Sagan, Episode 2 : One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue

Damn, these just give me the chills.  Here is the second episode of Cosmos, discussing life in the universe. From the Heiki crab of Japan to the trilobites, from DNA to Miller and Urey, One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue covers the basics of what makes life on earth and wonders what life may be like if it exists elsewhere.


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Sunday Sagan Part 1: Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

I’m going to start posting Youtube versions of the science series Cosmos, by Carl Sagan, once a week on Sundays.  I have this series on DVD, and I’ve watched the entire thing any number of times.  I even have the book that covers the entire series.  Even after all the times I’ve watched it, Cosmos still gives me that tingly feeling, that feeling of connectedness and immensity that I get when I contemplate the deep mysteries of the universe.  The poetry with which Carl narrates, the music that swells and fades in the background, the imagery and scenery disprove the perception that science is cold and distant.  This is what inspires me, and keeps me driving onwards to learn more about this wonderful, enormous, complicated and elegant cosmos around us.

This episode is the introduction to the series, beginning with a brief prologue by Carl’s widow, Ann Druyan.  The series was originally produced back in 1980.  Carl and Ann had updated the series in the 90s to reflect some of advances that had been made in the intervening decade.  In addition, a new version of Cosmos is being produced, featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson that is slated to be released in 2013/2014.  I am eagerly looking forward to this revamp, and I hope the do justice to Carl’s memory.

I’ll put up a new episode of the series each Sunday until I complete the whole series of 13 hour-long parts.  I realize that that’s a long time for anyone to sit and watch a video on their computer, but if you have the time to spare, hopefully Carl can suck you in with his soothing voice.  Enjoy!

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