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Time Minchin Number 7

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Tim Minchin number 5

I like cheese.  I really like cheese.


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Tim Minchin number 4? Lost count already.

By request, here is Prejudice:


Oh, and because it’s Easter, I can’t help but include the Pope Song.  Not for those with weak constitutions, or catholics.

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Tim Minchin Number 3!


I hadn’t heard this one till the Reason Rally, but man, it fits me to a T. I think Tim and I would get along quite well. Enjoy!

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Time Minchin Video number 2!

Great song that speaks to the reality of long term relationships.  Also, there is a longer version that explains the song a bit more, if you liked it:


The previous video, Canvas Bags can be found here.

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New Feature!

Ok, so Chey and I went to the Reason Rally in Washington D.C. last weekend.  We had a blast, but one of the big attractions of the rally was Tim Minchin, an aussie musician who played there.  So, I want to share the wealth with all my fine, non-existent readers.  For your viewing and hearing pleasure, here is the Tim Minchin YouTube video for his song Plastic Bags.  I will post a new video every few days, so keep your eyes pealed and prepare to laugh out loud.

Let me know what you think by clicking on the little 5 star icons up above.  Thanks!



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How an Atheist Dies

I never knew Derek K. Miller.  We had some things in common, visited the same sorts of websites and the like.  Derek died just a few days ago at age 41 from cancer.  Here is what he had to say about his own death.

Here it is. I’m dead, and this is my last post to my blog. In advance, I asked that once my body finally shut down from the punishments of my cancer, then my family and friends publish this prepared message I wrote—the first part of the process of turning this from an active website to an archive.

If you knew me at all in real life, you probably heard the news already from another source, but however you found out, consider this a confirmation: I was born on June 30, 1969 in Vancouver, Canada, and I died in Burnaby on May 3, 2011, age 41, of complications from stage 4 metastatic colorectal cancer. We all knew this was coming.

That includes my family and friends, and my parents Hilkka and Juergen Karl. My daughters Lauren, age 11, and Marina, who’s 13, have known as much as we could tell them since I first found I had cancer. It’s become part of their lives, alas.

Click on that link above to read his whole story. 

Phil Plait and PZ Myers made mention of Derek, and I figured I’d help pass his story along.

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A few links

Ok, so I’ve gone and spelled out the basics of what I believe.  Here are some links that kinda continue that thought.  These are statements written by other atheists that I agree with for the most part, and might provide some more insight to how I think.  These are all generally what I would refer to as ‘New Atheists’.  It’s not that there is any new information or way of thinking that makes them new, rather its that they aren’t afraid to say that religion makes no sense and should be done away with.

Sean Carroll on the incompatability of the world as revealed by science and that proposed by religion.

PZ Myers on how atheism is more than just lack of belief in a god.  He also writes this book review which does a pretty good job of spelling out why us New Atheists reject religion. 

Ricky Gervais, one of my favorite comediens, has this short, humerous tid-bit.

Greta Christina on why atheists might be angry, with a follow-up here.  She also has some more on why religion is harmful, and why we won’t shut up about our atheism.  And one last one from her (I like how she writes) on pointing out that the emperor has no clothes on.

Richard Dawkins, author of the God Delusion, has this nifty little section of his website called the Convert’s Corner.  It’s pages and pages of letters people have written to him about how his books helped them liberate themselves from religion.  Check it out if you have some time.

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This I Believe Part 5, The Finale

EDIT:  Read part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 for background.

I believe in reality.  I believe in the things we can touch, taste, hear, smell and see.  I believe in the things we can find out with a micrometer, a microscope, a telescope, a telephone.  I believe that all of human kind, past and present, has been stuck on one tiny little rock orbiting around an average-smallish star, circling a giant spiral barred-galaxy, hurtling through space along with billions of other galaxies.  I believe that this one life we live is all we get, so I want to try to get as much out of it as I can before I have to go to sleep for that last time. 

I love my wife, and I love my family.  And I know they love me back, because they show it.  They call me, they write me, they leave me messages, they hug and kiss me when they see me, and they’re happy to see me when I’ve been away. 

I believe I have a really good life.  And I realize that many others do not have such a good life.  I believe I have a moral obligation to help those people.  Not an obligation imposed from outside, not an obligation I want to fulfill so I get rewarded at some later date, but an obligation for all the help I’ve been given, before and since my birth. 

I believe I am fallible.  I make mistakes.  I am often wrong.  But I try to correct those mistakes or wrong ideas when they are pointed out to me.    I welcome criticism (not something I have always done), seeing it as a chance to improve myself.  I want to talk with people.  I have a hard time breaking the ice, but I crave more give-and-take of ideas.  I want to expose myself to new ideas, and expose other to ideas I’ve had. 

I believe in the truth.  I find honesty in all things to be preferable to happy lies.  And if I find a truth that conflicts with one of my dearly held beliefs, the belief must go, for reality must always prevail.

Thank you for reading, and please help me live up to my ideals.


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This I Believe Part 4

And this is the forth in my series on my beliefs.  Please take a peek at Part 1 about what I’m doing, Part 2 for a bit of background, and Part 3 for the first half of my de-conversion from Christianity.  On with part 4:

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