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Quick Shuttle Update


Endeavour has been hoisted up into the air in the VAB, for mating to the external tank.  The whole operation takes a couple of days from rollover into the VAB until the orbiter is firmly attached to the external tank.  Check out these photos.

Yesterday the PMM I’ve mentioned was moved, using the Space Station robotic arm, from Discovery’s payload bay and attached to the ISS.  This is a pretty cool new addition, as it’s the first major addition that is not on a plane with all the other modules.  By this I mean, if you are in most parts of the station, there is an up and a down marked on the walls.  You can go forward or backward and left or right to get into any module.  Not this new one.  You would have to go down, through the earth facing port on the middle Unity node, to get into this room.  It may seem kinda silly worrying about up and down when you don’t feel any gravity, but apparently is makes a difference to the astronaut’s equilibrium. 

250 miles overhead, there is another spacewalk going on today.  The astronauts are doing a bunch of little jobs, squaring away the PMM after it’s move, and cleaning up other work sites and tools, installing some parts, removing others. 

I know I’ve kinda been overdoing it on the shuttles, but it’s because 1) They’re easy to write quick posts about without a whole lot of thinking and 2) there isn’t often a shuttle in space, and ‘ only going to be 1-2 more.  So, look for something different from me this weekend.  Thanks!

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