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Practicing for a Hurricane

Well, Chey and I have had an interesting last day or so.  Yesterday afternoon, folks started leaving for home early because a line of thunderstorms were coming in across the state.  Well, these were some pretty nasty thunderstorms.  Coming home on I-95, the rain was coming down so hard and the wind was blowing in sheets across the highway that I had to slow to around 40 and turn the blinkers on.  Visibility couldn’t have been more than 100 feet or so. 

I got home to Chey, around 5:45, crunching over tree branches that were strewn across the roads in our neighborhood.  In the first 5 minutes after I was home, power flickered on and off 5 times before going out completely.  And I mean completely.  So, Chey and I just sat on our front porch and watched the lightning and rain for a while.  And the power still didn’t come back.  We decided to order some pizza, as we couldn’t cook except for the grill, and I didn’t have any meat defrosted.  Domino’s had a one-hour backup, something we’d never seen before.

Well, it got dark so we fired up some candles and just sat around chatting.  Other light started coming on in the neighborhood, but not our house.  I drove around the block, and yep, just our block was still without power.  I didn’t see any trees knocking down our power lines, so I’m guessing a pole mounted transformer got fried nearby.  We went to bed, using Chey’s work phone as our only clock. 

Got up this morning, still no power.  Now we’re starting to get concerned about the food in our freezers.  We have a big freezer that we fill with occasional Sam’s club runs that was starting to get a bit un-frozen.  Florida Power and Light said they would have the power up for us by 10pm tonight, which was a bit too long for comfort.  Chey took the afternoon off and stopped by the grocery store to buy some chunks of dry-ice.  Power finally got restored around 4:30 this afternoon, restoring things to normal.

The local news is saying something like 30,000 folks lost power at some point, flights out of Orlando Intl. were delayed or canceled, but overall things weren’t too bad.  I’m looking at this as a dress rehearsal for a big hurricane, which we haven’t had since we’ve been in Florida.  The day without power has us seriously considering a generator, at least enough to power the freezer and cell-phone chargers and such.  We’ve already arranged to get new impact resistant hurricane windows installed (we currently have crappy single pane windows), so come hurricane season I’m not really worried.

It’s amazing how boring things can get without power.  Especially when it gets dark.  No reading, no working in the garage, no computers or TV.  I even woke up in the middle of the night because the house was too quiet.  No fish tank running water, no white-noise machine.  At least I can still get-up whenever I want, so I wasn’t late for work.  Anyway, it was a bit of an adventure, without any real negative consequences.  Lets hope we’ll be able to say the same about any future hurricanes we get.


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