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An Update on the Situation at Fukushima Part 1

Its been almost 2 months since the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, and we’re not seeing a lot of coverage of what is going on at the Fukushima nuclear power station these days.  So, I’m going to give a brief review of what happened in the first days after the earthquake and tsunami, and then what has been done since then to stabilize the plant.  I will write a future post to outline the current plans to continue bringing the situation under control, as well as the impacts on people and the environment.  I will assume that anyone reading this has already read my previous posts about Fukushima here and here and here and here, and so I will assume you are familiar with the terms, units and technologies I will be describing. Continue reading

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More info on Japan’s nuclear situation

I was going to write a long, in-depth post explaining in detail how a nuclear reactor works and give more info on what is happening in Japan, because I feel the stuff most of you are seeing on TV or online is written by folks with little or no background in nuclear power.  I think for the vast majority of normal people, nuclear power is a big unknown.  And big unknowns are worrying.  The thought that something which is completely undetectable to you without expensive equipment can kill you is a source of many genuine fears.  I think the best way to allay those types of fears is by information.  The facts.  The cold hard truth. 

An old friend of mine from the navy, Gabe posted a link on Facebook to another blog that does exactly what I was planning to do.  It’s called Brave New Climate, and the author is a published scientist and professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia.  I recommend you head over there and do some reading.  It’s a bit of  a long read, but very useful. 

I will do a small post later today or tomorrow just on terminology to clear up some things you may be hearing.  Please if you have any question, please ask.  This stuff is complicated and difficult to pick up without formal training, so there is no shame in asking what you think is a stupid question.  Ask away here on my blog in the comments, on my Facebook, or send me a PM if you don’t want anyone else seeing what you write.  I won’t tell unless you let me.  Thanks.


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