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Hello everyone.  This is the kick-off post for my new blog, Groping Blindly in the Dark.  First, a few administrative issues.  Above, under the About Groping Blindly menu, you can find a short description of the purpose of this blog, as well as the policies I will be using while running this blog.  I will summarize both here, but check that menu in the future for any changes.

I’m starting this blog as a place I can put my thoughts down in some order.  I’m always thinking, but I’d like to try to organize my thoughts some.  I don’t really know why, but I think it’ll be good for me, whether anyone reads them or not.  I’ve attempted a little bit of this on Facebook, but it just wasn’t working for me.  So, yay WordPress!

I expect to blog on a variety of topics, including: Science, Space, Current Events, Skepticism, Naval History, General History, Life in Florida, Amateur Rocketry, Books, Video Games, and anything else that tickles my fancy along the way.

I’ll be looking for honest feedback from anyone who reads this.  I’m not going to filter comments, and I don’t care what language you use.  Feel free to post links, criticisms, comments, how much you adore me etc.  Hell, if you think I’m fucking crazy, tell me so.  I do ask that you not personally attack other commentors, please reserve your vitriole for me.  Please try and make a point with whatever you post, and contribute to a conversation. 

Thanks, and I hope you can help me learn more about this crazy world we live in.


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