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Quick Update

Well, I’m back from my trip to Colorado for Z’s and Barb’s Graduations. First off, congrats again to both of you, you both impress the heck outta me. I wish I was back there for more of thee important events in your lives.

We had a good time, spending time with all the immediate family members. Had some good chats and plenty of goofing around. I ate way too much, but its hard not to eat when you have as much good food as we did.

So i’m back at home with Chey, and I’m full steam ahead with our back deck project. I have a bunch of posts as well that I wanna put up here, but I haven’t built up the energy to write them yet. So, stay tuned for another cool space program, updates on our home-improvements, a long delayed update on Fukushima and a few other things coming soon. Thanks!

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